PR is why we wake up in the morning. If we didn’t have the opportunity to generate media publicity for a living, we would do it as a side hustle for fun.

We have a team of talented, ambitious and proactive publicists ready to connect you with the media and influencers trusted by your audience.

We know how to appeal to their hearts and minds of media and influencers to get EARNED endorsement that you don’t have to pay extra fees for.

We have the enthusiasm, accountability and willingness to SPARK AND FAN THE FLAMES that open doors, maximize sales and build your brand with you and for you.

We are known for building our clients’ business and giving them the tools they need to IMPROVE THEIR BOTTOM LINE.

We are a RELIABLE RESOURCE FOR THE MEDIA, who trust and turn to us for information, inspiration and support.

We have an office in NYC, the media capital of the world, where we meet and play with influential journalists at the top national media outlets on a regular basis as well as an office in LOS ANGELES where we nurture our relationships with celebrities and other influencers.

We are staffed by a team of former journalists, PR veterans, and others obsessively focused on getting the job done. We THINK STRATEGICALLY AND ACT PROACTIVELY.

Trent & company serves as an idea factory; generating story angles for the media, sales, marketing and promotion ideas to build clients’ REVENUE STREAMS.


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